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Work and Pregnancy

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There is more to working during pregnancy than just staying healthy. One of the biggest challenge is finding the right balance between work and personal health from personal and professional perspectives alike.



Early months into your pregnancy you would invariably face uncontrollable symptoms of nausea and vomiting, which is more familiarly connoted as ‘morning sickness’.

Nausea during pregnancy is invariably triggered by the smell of food thus it may make good sense to stay clear of the break room during lunch time as the smell of reheated food could well turn your stomach queasy and have you rushing to the washroom.

Healthy Options
Staying hungry during your months of pregnancy can be risky and may jeopardize the health of your baby and you, so while you may steer clear of the break room during lunch hours, you must snack regularly on crackers and ginger tea; so keep a generous supply when at work and watch those nausea moments disappear!


Hydrate to Health
Water is the elixir of life and there are no exceptions when it comes to expectant mothers either thus keep a water bottle handy and continue to sip on water through your working hours. Caution would need to be exercised when it comes to taking aerated and sweetened drinks for while they are fluids it could trigger your nausea or worse lead to secondary dehydration, which is just not right for your baby and you.


When it comes to staying productive without compromising on personal health there are some cautions and precautions that you would need to adopt. These could well include some or more of these:

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One of the greatest maladies of working through your pregnancy could well be about feeling fatigued easily. While resting periodically during your working day would be a logical conclusion, it may not be viable. Thus keep those energy levels up by adopting one or more of these options:

Iron Rich Diet
Iron deficiency is one of the commonest causes of early fatigue during pregnancy thus increasing intake of high iron content food like green leafy vegetables, red meat, poultry, sea food and even beans helps minimize the risk of contracting iron deficiency anaemia during pregnancy.

Scaling Down
Although pregnancy is not a disease, however it is inarguably an unusual state of health considering the fact that your body is now overworking to support and sustain an additional life within your womb. Thus the more discerning of mothers would invariably opt for a more serene lifestyle wherein you could cut back on routine activities after working hours like fetching groceries or cleaning the backyard to say the least.

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