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Week 7 Pregnancy

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The baby continues to grow with vital organs developing further. Concurrently your dimensions are more rounded than in the previous week with a perceptible tightening of your trousers at the waist. When it comes to symptoms you will now begin to experience increasing nausea, which is the start of the familiar 'morning sickness'. Statistics indicate that well over seventy five per cent of all expectant mothers experience morning sickness at some stage of their pregnancy.

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Your baby now measures 0.5 inches from crown to rump. Although the placenta continues to grow it is still not functional and the nutrition continues to come from the yolk sac. This sac will shrink in the coming weeks and the placenta will gradually take over the function in the near future.



You are now growing in dimension but it does not show and you can continue wearing a loose pair of trousers without having to procure maternity clothes just yet. There is a very small bump which can be seen in the lower abdominal region but is well camoflouged by use of the right set of trousers and a loose fitting top.
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