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Week 39 Pregnancy

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This is the week when you and your baby begin to wait for D Day. Labour is fast approaching and it is now just a matter of time. All that you need to do is to stay relaxed and watch those foetal movements very closely indeed.
Preparing for the coming pregnancy is never easy, and comes replete with a diverse range of challenges. One of the more important ones being to prepare your children for the coming baby, and this is the week to do it.  



Your baby is now into the 39th week and while the skin sloughs off and is replaced with new skin, she continues to accumulate layers of fat which will help withstand severe temperature fluctuations once she arrives. A crown to heel length of 20 inches and a weight which is a shade over 7 pounds makes your baby big by previous standards. If you should have a baby boy then you could expect the dimensions to go up further.  

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This is the week when your doctor begins to exercise more caution than before and she would like to see you in consultation at weekly intervals rather than fortnightly now. You are examined primarily for baby growth and position. While extent of maturity determines the viability of your baby once she comes into the world it is the position of your baby that would help ensure ease of labour or indications for C Section.
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