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Week 37 Pregnancy

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You are now just three weeks from home! Although your baby is technically classified as ‘full term’ you may well have to wait for yet another three weeks before you deliver. Those delivering spontaneously could go into labour anytime from this week onwards. On the contrary when it comes to elective C-sections your doctor would invariably wait for another two weeks before undertaking the procedure.  


A crown to heel length of 19 inches and weighing an impressive 6 1/3 pounds your baby is home to some excellent dimensions and viability on delivery is not a challenge anymore.
Your baby has now grown hair although you would see it only at the time of delivery. The colour could range from redheads to black regardless of the colour of hair that you and your partner sport. Concurrently the texture could be straight or frizzled while the length would range anywhere from ½ inch to 1 ½ inch in length. With a fat content of 16% of the total body weight your baby is now ready for delivery and existing outside your womb is a reality.  

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You are now about to meet your baby anytime now so you would be practicing hard at understanding the mechanics of breast feeding. Concurrently you will also need to educate yourself in the technique of differentiating between true and false labour. True labour is essentially about real time labour while false labour pains are essentially Braxton Hicks contractions. These are similar to the sensation that you would have experienced during your menstrual periods in the past. This is the time to enjoy doing all that you will not be able to do once the baby arrives!
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