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Week 36 Pregnancy

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We are now at week 36 weeks of pregnancy and the journey is almost over! What began as a small implantation on the wall of your uterus now weighs all of 6 pounds! Your baby continues to gain weight at the rate of an ounce per day as D Day fast approaches.  


Your baby continues to grow although not as rapidly as in earlier weeks. The length is a shade over 18 ½ inches while the weight is a staggering 6 pounds. The protective whitish layer of Vernix Caseosa is now shedding fast. This had protected your baby from the amniotic fluid in the last few weeks. Considering that your baby is close to delivery this layer is fast losing its utility.
Concurrently the downy growth of hair which ensured insulating your baby from temperature variations is also shed and your baby will swallow both.  



The good news is that this is the week of ‘lightening’ considering that your baby now begins the descent into the pelvis. Your pressure symptoms like heartburn begin to subside as the uterus begins to drop and pressures effects become less severe.
Walking is far more difficult than ever before as the baby had descended deep into the pelvis and you begin to experience an incessant urge to pass urine far more frequently than ever before.  

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