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Week 35 Pregnancy

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You are all but home and welcome to the week when you begin the countdown to D Day. As your symptoms continue to get more exaggerated it is natural to get apprehensive. However the best is yet to come and when you envision your baby in your arms but just a few weeks from now the severity of your symptoms begins to fade into oblivion.  


At 20 inches of length and 5.5 pounds of weight your baby continues to grow. There is more to the growth of your baby than mere dimensions for her brain is also growing at a rapid rate. The coming weeks will see your baby get heavier by the day as she packs in additional layers of fat thus rounding her contours still further.
The kidneys have developed and so has the liver, thus it is scarcely amazing that your baby has now begun to process waste material without support.  



You will continue to experience an increasing frequency of urination or 'micturition' as your Obstetrician would refer to it! This is attributable to the increasing pressure of the head on your urinary bladder. The baby is in a head down position now and the size of the head continues to increase in size. It is not unnatural for the mother to 'leak' or pass small amounts of urine whenever she coughs, laughs or even sneezes. The symptoms are transitory and will subside once you deliver so it is encouraging to know that respite is just a few weeks away.  

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