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Week 30 Pregnancy

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The wait seems to be inexorable and although you just have a few weeks to go ,you may begin to wonder as to whether your pregnancy would coninue forever. However take consolation from the fact that the worst is over and the changes that happen from this week onwards will be very subtle indeed.



Although your baby will continue to look wrinkled even after delivery, the wrinkled look begins to smooth over this week and this could well be attributed to the fact that layers of fat have begun to accumulate just under the skin of your baby.

This is the week when your baby will begin to grow a layer of fine downy hair which will cover the entire body and is better known as Lanugo. This helps regulate the temperature of your baby and will continue to persist until the baby is born.

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This is a week of hormonal imbalances and plent of aches and pains which are typical of pregnancy. Concurrently there is a perceptible loosening of all your joints which couLD well be attributed to the high levels of pregnancy hormones which are circulating in your bODY at this point of time.
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