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Week 22 Pregnancy

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This is the week when the mother crosses the halfway mark through her pregnancy. What began as a small implantation on the uterine wall is now a miniscule human weighing a mere one pound and is all of 11 inches in length.

The mother grows as rapidly as the baby and symptoms of early pregnancy are now history. However there are yet other symptoms like pregnancy pains which now begin to surface.

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Although internal organs grow rapidly during this stage of pregnancy your baby continues to have wrinkled skin and plenty of Lanugo hair which helps keep your baby warm. She lacks colour in her eyes as the iris is still not fully developed, however the eyes and the eyelids are easy to distinguish. On the contrary the reproductive organs your baby are now developing and if a baby girl there is no doubt that your baby has already developed her reproductive organs, be it the ovary, the uterus or even the fallopian tubes.



As the waistline grows rounder the weighing scale continues to tip at the rate of a pound per week and this week is no exception to the rule either. Your pregnancy symptoms should begin to subside by this week. Nevertheless there are expectant mothers who continue to exhibit those symptoms from earlier weeks of pregnancy. This is also the week wheh you will experience the frequent movement of your baby.
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