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Week 21 Pregnancy

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One of the better weeks in your journey towards motherhood, this is the time when you can sing and talk to your baby. While you continue to grow in size so does your baby for she is now even developing eyebrows and eyelids and it is just a matter of time before those eyelids will open to view the inside of your womb for the very first time.

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Your baby continues to grow although not as rapidly as before. On the contrary the digestive system and organs are maturing fast. When it comes to dimensions your baby weighs a modest 10.5 ounces and the length from crown to rump is 7.2 inches. The skin is protected and supple in spite of the baby having been enveloped by amniotic fluid for the past few weeks. This protection could well be attributed to the presence of a cheesy white layer which is secreted by the oil glands of your baby. This layer is more familiarly connoted as the ‘Vernix Caseosa’ and will persist till you deliver the baby.



The uterus continues to grow and the expectant mother at this point of time has a noticeable protrusion to the belly which makes it evident that she is pregnant. Your doctor will clinically examine you and would be critically evaluating the height of the fundus. This should ideally be above the level of your umbilicus at this point of time.
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