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Week 15 Pregnancy

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You are now into week 15 and a third of your journey through pregnancy is over. The consensus amongst expectant mothers being that it is the first few weeks which are the most challenging. Week 15 then is a relatively easier with early pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and nausea on the wane.



The baby is all of 1 and ¾ ounces and measures a healthy 4 ½ inches when measured from head crown to rump. While your baby has now begun to hiccup, there is no voice as yet. This is not surprising considering the fact that the air pipe or ‘trachea’ is filled with fluid at this point of time.

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As the baby grows so do the needs, when it comes to nutrition and oxygen. It is not surprising then that by week 15 your circulating blood volume increases by 15-20%. As the pregnancy progresses this will increase further and by the time you are ready to deliver this could be 50% higher as compared to pre pregnancy volumes.

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