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Week 14 Pregnancy

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A recent surge in your pregnancy hormones has begun to manifest with some very specific skin changes like darkening of the nipples of the breast or the areola. Concurrently you will now begin to develop a vertical line of hair extending from just above your pubic bone in the midline region and is better connoted as the 'Linea Nigra'.

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Your baby is now in practice mode with active routines where she begins to practice breathing within the amniotic fluid. This happens by swallowing amniotic fluid into her lungs and then expelling it.



Your baby is now developing some impressive proportions with what began as a small mass of cells which translates into a foetus which now measures close to 5 inches, when measured from the crown to the rump. One of the most fascinating features which begin around this week of pregnancy is the regeneration of the amniotic fluid.



The early symptpoms of pregnancy begin to subside by week 14 and this is the time to begin eating more frequently. This is to be expected considering the fact that you have to eat for two from this week onwards. The preferred diet regime is to have small frequent meals spread through the day.
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