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Week 11 Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a dichotomy of emotions, for while it can be an ordeal for some it is one of the most rewarding as well for what begins as a mere missed period culminates in the birth of another life which you have nurtured and cared for within your womb for nine long months.

If week tenth was experiencing the vitality of life for the first time, the eleventh week brings in its wake a myriad of emotions which are both mesmerizing as well as enchanting.



Your OBSGYN will invariably describe your baby as ‘big’, however you need to visualize how big is big. When it comes to numbers your baby is all of 1.5 to 2 inches in length and weighs a modest 8 g. In all eventualities you would be having an uncomplicated pregnancy, with some able assistance from the week by week update. The baby continues to grow at a rapid rate just as in the previous week.


The growth of the baby is now palpable and would include hardening of bones. Your baby is now a miniature human with differentiated hands and feet, fingernails and even the head all developed and functioning. The lungs and intestines are yet to develop so it is no surprise that oxygen and nutrition continues to be taken through the placenta.

Those seeking to experience the life within, only need to be patient and you would be able to appreciate the kicking and punching that your baby indulges in time and again. However the skin is still thin and the baby is fragile so precautions are to be continued through this week too.

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There are a range of symptoms that you will now begin to experience and could include a feeling fullness or even a bloated feel in the stomach. The appetite increases so much that you feel like eating all the time. On the contrary you will still feel very tired and exhausted accompanied with a continuous feeling of drowsiness which will continue to persist. The ideal option to neutralize sleep and exhaustion is to start some light exercises with the advice of your doctor and under the close supervision of a trained fitness trainer.


There will be further increase in body weight as compared to the previous week with an increased 'look' and 'feel' of a protruding abdomen. This can be attributed to the increase in size of the uterus which while growing in size continues to settles lower in the pelvic region. Concurrently you will begin to experience a faster rate of growth of your hair and nails which is due to the increased circulating levels of hormones in your body.
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