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A still more rounded 'bump' and increased awareness of being pregnant are the hallmarks of your journey into the tenth week of your pregnancy. The more typical pregnancy look is still a few weeks away and you continue to enjoy wearing your dresses, albeit with some minor modifications. There could well be a few episodes of mood swings where those around you would find you 'moody' at worst.



One of the most ethereal experiences that you as an expectant mother will experience during this week will be an increased awareness of your baby within. The sound of galloping horses is what the heartbeat of you baby mimics.


Morning Sickness is now history and nausea of previous weeks will now be replaced with an incessant craving for food. Thus eat all you want but ensure a balanced diet and do no overindulge. This is also the time when you would begin to experience a perceptible increase in the abdominal area along with a healthy glow or flushing of the skin. This skin flush is an outcome of the increased volumes of blood.

The not so obvious changes are an increase in the size of the uterus and the placenta considering that they are happening within the mother to be and are not instantly visible. This is also the time when you will be exposed to your first ultrasound and a radiological view of your baby.



Your baby is now growing very rapidly and those with a penchant for statistics would find it fascinating that the baby is now 3-4 cm in length and weighs in the periphery of 4 g. The organs are developing and the liver begins to work thus replacing the yolk sac in function. All the organs begin to develop while fingernails begin to appear. With an oversized head and constant movement within the amniotic fluid your baby is a fascinating sight to watch and can mesmerize the mother and the father alike.


This is the time when your lifestyle will begin to undergo a perceptible shift and concurrently you would require taking a call on some specific issues. Eat multiple small meals and ensure delegation of household chores. The expectant mother will need to continue avoiding alcohol and smoke because they can be harmful for the rapidly growing baby.

You may even need to modify your wardrobe and opt for loose fitting clothes and flat footwear without any heels. If you are a tea or coffee enthusiast then you would be in for a disappointment this week as you will have to avoid beverages this week onwards.
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