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Chinese Gender Calendar

The Chinese birth calendar is a fun way to predict your baby's gender before you go for an ultrasound. It is not a sure, full-proof way but undoubtedly..

Your Baby's Zodiac Sign

Are you curious about your baby's horoscope? Since you know when your baby's coming, how about checking your baby's zodiac just for fun..

Sex and the Expectant Father

Many fathers to-be feel uneasy or even afraid at the prospect of having sex with their pregnant partners. Too much of uncertainty makes the whole act uncomfortable for both..

Embryonic and Fetal Facts

This page contains some interesting Embryonic and Fetal Facts, compiled from various sources and arranged in random order. We hope to add more of such fascinating facts and get..
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Pregnancy Do's & Don'ts

Being pregnant is a new territory for new mums so you are bound to get all kinds of advice from various and even 'unfamiliar' quarters. Some are amusing while others ridiculous and still some possibly applicable..

FAQs on Labor Pains

Having a baby is thrilling but the experience usually hurts a lot. Labor hurts for several reasons. For one the hours of effort on your overworked uterus, which must contract forcefully to get your baby out, is reason big enough. But despite it all, how you cope counts. Below are some questions and answers on this topic which may be of interest to you.

FAQs on Exercise during Pregnancy

Many pregnant women wish to exercise to stay fit, to prepare their bodies for delivery or to recover quickly after giving birth. There is however much confusion on the type of exercise that is considered safe during pregnancy. Though exercise has many benefits it should be suitable for the stage of pregnancy and it also not threaten the well-being of both mother and baby..
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