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Pregnancy Common Complaints

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Pregnancy continues to be one of the major milestones in the life of a woman the world over. The doctor may classify your pregnancy as normal and physiological, however it is the expectant mother who endures those body changes day after day till she delivers.

These changes and associated symptoms may be a source of irritation or may even translate into alarming signs at times, however more often than not it may not be a cause for concern. The more discerning of expectant mothers learn to recognize these changes and touch base with their midwife or doctor when apprehensive.

Thus should you feel that there is something amiss all that you need to do is to contact your doctor if you should experience some or more of these:

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There is an upsurge of circulating hormones during pregnancy which could well lead to early constipation which could be inconvenient and even unsafe for you during the last trimester if it is not treated early. This is scarcely surprising, considering the fact that you would need to strain more than is usual while passing faeces.



One of the most commonly encountered of symptoms during the course of pregnancy, backache could continue to persist as a niggling symptom throughout the trimesters for some. This could well be attributed to the fact that as the time for labour approaches the ligaments become softer and begin to stretch. This predictably puts additional strain on the hip and pelvic joint and hence translates into a backache which will spontaneously subside once the expectant mother delivers her baby.
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