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A Healthy Pregnancy

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There can scarcely be an expectant mother who is not concerned about her pregnancy. Most mothers would target a healthy pregnancy for herself and her baby at any point of time. Those seeking one would need to plan early beginning from the stage of conception or even earlier and may extend to the period after the delivery too.



Pregnancy can be both exciting and disconcerting depending on the health status and complications encountered. The more disconcerting of expectant mothers invariably plan their pregnancy thus ensuring that there are few or no complications during pregnancy. Thus the pick of options is to first work on personal health and ensure being in a healthy state before planning a pregnancy. To illustrate the case in point, there are instances where a woman may be an uncontrolled diabetic and pregnancy could well harm her pregnancy as well as the baby.



A healthy pregnancy invariably begins well before you get pregnant, it may even include the period before you ever thought of motherhood. There is no ‘best’ time to get pregnant and those seeking a healthy pregnancy must get pregnant during the median phase of the reproductive cycle rather than extremes of age. To further elaborate the reproductive cycle for a woman usually spans a period of thirty years ranging from the age when the first period begins and extends to the age when a woman enters menopause. The average range is usually 15-45 years of age. A word of caution being that it is not advisable to get pregnant beyond 35 years of age.


Finally it is more than evident that ensuring a healthy pregnancy needs some extensive preparation which could start well ahead of the actual pregnancy itself. Strategically supported by the doctor and partner most women could well ensure that they keep their baby safe and healthy.

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