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Expectant Father

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Once your wife tests positive for pregnancy the journey begins and will invarialby culminate in you cutting the cord nine months down the line. While there is a wide array of literature educating the expectant mother there is little on expectant fathers. Thus the much talked about but often overlooked expectant fathers have a transition to undergo for which they need to prepare with little inkling as to what to expect.

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Once the process begins the mother to be begins to undergo changes which are both physical as well as emotional and it is now that the expectant father needs to anticipate and comprehend that domestic routines and responsibilites will be begin to change. Regardless of whether it is helping with the dishes or the laundry the expectant father will now need to take on greater responsibilty without being asked. The more sensitive fathters would realize that she is unable to do enough around the house and he would need to take initiative in more ways than one from here on.



While the mother is the centre of all attention for she is doing all the work, the expectant father is invariably the ignored tribe for there is little attention being given to him and the paradigm transition that he must undergo. A source of tension between the couple could well erupt in instances where the father feels ‘left out’. The solution is simple for all that the expectant father needs to do at this point of time is to get involved and involved early so that it makes the experience more enjoyable for the couple in the months to come.


The family is just about to expand and you would need to prepare for the coming baby in more ways than one; to illustrate the case in point you would now be on a buying spree as you bring in a crib and nursing rocker in addition to doing up and decorating a nursery with an array of baby toys and gizmos which you never knew existed. Nursery add ons and the color and pattern of crib sheets will take precedence over your career aspirations as the major discussion points around the home. It is scarcely amazing then that you would need to be prepared for extended discussions with the expectant mother over domains which are far removed from what you would have discussed in the recent past.
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