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Emotional Makeup During Pregnancy

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One of the most debated but least understood of pregnancy aspects is inarguably about the emotional makeup during pregnancy. This is not limited to the mother alone, for the emotional tavails of the expectant father is equally critical and the two would need to be adressed in tandem.



Those seeking to understand the emotional makeup of the expectant mother would well need to understand that aspirations of the woman and her need to bond with her coming baby are intricately interlinked. Medical research has been known to validate the fact that the baby can hear sounds in the external environment while still within the womb of the mother. It is scarcely surprising then that mothers seeking to create and enhance an emotional bond with their baby would need to begin early; which could be as early as during the period of pregnancy without waiting for the delivery to happen.

On the contrary there are expectant mothers who would find the very idea of patting their womb or talking to a baby they have yet to see, funny and impractical. The choice lies with the expectant mother and not with medical professionals at any point of time!


Considering the magnitude of the experience and the changing hormone levels within the bloodstream, it is scarcely amazing that the expectant mother begins to undergo changes which are both physical as well as emotional per se.

It is not without reason that during the course of your pregnancy you would experience a feeling of extreme loneliness and sadness one moment only to feel on top of the world the next. This could well be attributed to the fact that you are undergoing an array of changes which may range from a feeling of sadness and despair at seeing your body contours change through to severe anxiousness and apprehension about being a good parent in the near future. Thus pregnancy could well be about taxing times for the mother, considering the myriad of emotional changes that she undergoes.



When it comes ot expectant fathers the emotional make up during pregancy is far more complex and critical for a digruntled or emotionally strung expectant father and may negatively impact the mother!

If you are an expectant father, the journey for you would have begun far before your partner conceives. This is not surprising, consideing the fact the statistics indicate that expectant fathers who have enjoyed a close emotional bonding with their partners before the pregnancy invariably find it easier and far more spontaneous to feel and experience the joys of the parenthood to come.

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