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Exercise During Pregnancy

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Exercisiing is one of the healtheist lifestyle initiatives to adopt and sustain during a lifetime and pregnancy is no exception to the rule either. One of the most difficult decision that you would need to make during pregnancy is ‘to do or not to do’. The answer is an empathic ‘yes’ considering the fact that exercise is safe and essential for the mother and child alike.

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Although the cardinal rule is that women during a normal pregnancy would need to exercise, the verdict comes with certain riders. The most critical rider being that the work our regime must be executed under close medical supervision and your healthcare provider is more than adept at handling and advocating.

In case your pregnancy has been classifed as safe and uneventful by your doctor the probability of complicaitons is low and you can continue to exercised throughout your pregnancy until the day of delivery.


There are an array of options that the new age expectant woman can adopt when it comes to exercising during pregnancy. This could well range from walking and swimming through to gentle weights and even stretching options provided that the expectant mother does not work out beyond her endurance.

Exercising during pregnancy is relatively new, for if history is any index the first formal approval for exercisng during pregnancy was sanctioned as recently as in the year 1935 and the validating body was none other than the illustrious American Association of Obstetrics and Gyaecology or ACOG, as it is more commonly connoted.
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